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What’s your favourite colour(s)?

Carded fibre used by Sarah Ritchie for her fibre art

This is what my artist’s colour palette looks like. It reminds me of candy floss and good times (one of the reasons why I love this medium so much).

I take washed and dyed fibre (like sheep’s wool), then I card it (sometimes blending the colours as I go).

These containers are where I store my carded fibre. I take just a small bit in my fingers for each application, so the fibre lasts a long time.

Every artist has their favourite colours. Mine are in the blues/teals/golds/oranges, and you'll see that coming through strongly in each of my works. They are my favourite colours to wear too.

If you are an artist or creative, do you tend to stick to your favourite colours over and over? Do your colour choices help to create your individual style?

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