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Sarah Ritchie head shot

Sarah Ritchie. Author.

The first award I ever won was a school ‘penmanship’ trophy when I was 11. It must have been a sign.

The long-form written word has always held an essential place in my life, but never more so than now, in our modern world of consuming sound bites and snippets.

My passion is to use my writing to encourage, equip and inspire individuals and teams. I have done this by publishing two advertising and marketing books – both of which have been awarded international book awards.

My most recent book, ‘Purpose Made’ is a pivot away from business writing and into the personal growth category. This book is incredibly close to my heart and my desire to help individuals find their purpose and lead an abundant life.


I have several other books on the go, in various stages of completion, all focusing on different topics. This reflects my interest in many facets of life, learning and growth. Stay tuned for more details!

Purpose Made by Sarah Ritchie
Literary Titan Gold Book Award
'How to Wrestle an Octopus' book by Sarah Ritchie
Axiom Business Book Award, won by Sarah Ritchie
'How to Tango with a Tiger' book by Sarah Ritchie
International Book Award, won by Sarah Ritchie
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