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'How to Tango with a Tiger' book by Sarah Ritchie

How to Tango with a Tiger:

a marketer’s guide to working with creative communications agencies


How to Tango with a Tiger is the #1 choice for anyone who purchases creative services from advertising, design, PR, experiential and media agencies; media owners; print companies and consultancies.

If you aim to build solid client/agency business partnerships; get the best creative output; engage consumers and drive growth, then this book is for you!


  • Agency Life: All about AgencyLand – and how to navigate it.

  • Agency Love: All about interacting with your agencies and how to get the best results.

  • All About You: All about helping you to be the best client you can be – covering topics that affect you personally.

  • Mission Control: All about the ‘paperwork’ – how to identify what needs to be done, and the best-practice ways of keeping it all under control.

  • Nuts and Bolts: All about the technical side – how to understand production requirements, and demystify industry jargon.

  • The Fun Bits: All about the execution – how to work with your agencies to bring projects and campaigns to life.

Packed with case studies, quotes from industry leaders, and over 200 essential topics to empower, enthuse, and educatne. How to Tango with a Tiger covers the ‘what’, the ‘why’, AND the ‘how’ to help you foster brilliant, effective and productive relationships with your creative communications agencies.

Winner of the Business: Marketing & Advertising category, 2020 International Book Awards (USA)


How to Tango with a Tiger is available to purchase (paperback and Kindle) from,,,,,, and


International book awards winner, Sarah Ritchie 2020


I love it, and have been raving about it to anyone who will listen! I have the most amazing and enduring relationship with our creative agency team; I think of them as part of our internal marketing team and treat them accordingly. I thought I knew the workings of an agency inside out, but I keep picking up little gems from your book. It’s awesome and gives me a whole new appreciation for our account management team.

Marnie S., Australia

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