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Sarah Ritchie. Artist.

Coastal Communion by Sarah Ritchie.jpg

Fibre artistry, created from nature.


Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of Aotearoa New Zealand, my home, I am an artist who creates unique framed works using natural fibres such as wool and bamboo.


As an advocate for sustainable art practices and non-toxic creativity, I turned to these materials after the toxicity of traditional acrylic and oil paints started affecting my health. Working with a natural medium brings me immense joy. I love experimenting with blending fibres to create unique effects and colours that defy ordinary paint.


Adapting the ancient art of felting – a technique dating back over 6,000 years – I create modern art that celebrates the organic forms found in the land, water, and plants. At first glance, my creations appear as traditional paintings (often with an abstract feel). Upon closer inspection, the intricate fibres reveal themselves, adding depth and texture to each piece.


Through my artwork, I aim to create luscious images that inspire connection and joy, and capture the essence and beauty of our natural world.

Instagram: @sarahritchiehq 

Pinterest: @sarahritchiehq

2023 Piwakawaka by Sarah Ritchie
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