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Let’s work together to grow your business!

Have you ever wished you could have an art business mentor? Now’s your chance!


My purpose in life is to encourage, equip and inspire people to reach their full personal, spiritual and professional potential. I do this through my writing, my personal art practice, and supporting other artists and creators in their art practices as an accredited business mentor.


I have spent the past 30 years in and around the design, advertising, marketing and digital world. In that time I have set up multiple bricks ‘n’ mortar and online businesses, including my own art practice.


My aim is to give back the knowledge that I have accumulated over these 30+ years, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

Art business mentoring

This membership programme is for artists and creators who are serious about building their art hobby or practice into a business, and are keen to learn from my lifetime art and business journey, and that of other artists.


You will get access to online videos, worksheets, downloadable resources, templates and more as I regularly share my knowledge with you.

Sarah Ritchie

What you will get:

  • 50% discount on your first Zoom-based 1:1 mentoring session.

  • Business template library.

  • Downloadable resources.

  • Regular video advice and articles to build your business.

  • Exclusive access to interviews with artists.

  • Complete blog post archive.

  • Pre-recorded Q&A sessions geared for artists.

  • Monthly business challenges.

  • Monthly email newsletter, ‘Musings’.

  • Free pdf copy of ‘Purpose Made’, and all published books.

  • Digital wallpaper of every new fibre art release.

How does membership work?

Click on the ‘Start Free Trial’ button on the membership page here:




The free trial gives you access to the membership programme for 7 days before payment starts. After that, the price is NZ$10 per month. You can safely join and stay for as long as you want, or you can cancel your membership at anytime – no questions asked. 


By joining, you access all the content I've shared in the past. Plus you get exclusive access to the ‘Membership-only’ pages and blog posts. It is here that you will receive regular articles and resources to help you grow your business. 


If you have any questions, please contact me using the contact form.


I look forward to helping shape your future!

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