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‘Ewe-topia’ impresses the people!

Sarah Ritchie ‘Ewe-topia’ fibre art wins 3rd place in People's Choice Award at Changing Threads 2024

Yay, go me! ‘Ewe-topia: Two Sheep in Aotearoa’ was voted 3rd place in the People’s Choice section of the Changing Threads Awards, Nelson, New Zealand.

I’m pretty stoked about that, and you know why? Whilst an award given by a panel of judges is great (and we all would love that) an award from the people is super-awesome. It’s a statement that your work is resonating/landing/impacting/emoting/or just plain making people smile.

The Changing Threads exhibition is now finished, but you can see my fibre art (including Ewe-topia) in my gallery HERE.

I think this calls for a glass of bubbly!

Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube: @sarahritchiehq


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