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‘Sheep on a Thousand Hills 1’ by Sarah Ritchie

Latest fibre art work by Sarah Ritchie, ‘Sheep on a Thousand Hills 1’

My latest fibre artwork is finished! This time I've started a series of smaller works titled ‘Sheep on a Thousand Hills’.

I finally realised why I love capturing our New Zealand countryside (and animals and birds) so much. First off, I love my homeland. Secondly, I live in New Zealand’s largest city – Auckland – but every time I can get out of Auckland, and see the rural countryside, my soul breathes a little easier. The grass, the trees, the sheep – that’s my happy place and I could gaze on that view forever. To be able to capture an essence of that peace within one of my fibre works brings me joy. I hope you will like it too!

‘Sheep on a Thousand Hills 1’ by Sarah Ritchie

300mm x 210mm

New Zealand wool fibre, cotton, silk and bamboo

This artwork uses locally sourced New Zealand wool fibre, plus imported bamboo, cotton and silk fibres to support sustainable, eco-friendly art practices. Wool's biodegradable and renewable properties embody sustainability and reflects my commitment to responsible, non-toxic artistry.


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