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For free and paid options please visit my Patreon page.

Patreon is a creative platform where you can financially support artists that you like.


If you are familiar with my blog posts or social media posts (IN: @sarahritchiehq), you’ll know that I talk about vastly different things. I’m sure that reading my posts will sometimes feel like you are watching a tennis match – one day I talk about my art; the next day it’s about supporting and equipping other artists; and at other times it will be about ‘purpose’ – the subject of my latest book.

I get inspired about many different things in life, and I want to inspire you too. That's why I have set up a new Patreon site. Patreon allows me to separate out my passions in life, and make it easier to connect with you and what you are interested in.

I have moved some of my YouTube and Instagram content into this Patreon site. I will be using Instagram for more casual posts about art and the world around me, while YouTube will only hold videos about ‘purpose’. My website blog posts will now be text-based, long-form articles. All my other content going forward will reside on Patreon.

My Patreon has four tiers:

Inspiration Hub (free)

For many years I’ve been sharing inspiration with others, and I want to keep doing that without any cost attached.

My free posts will include a lot about ‘purpose’, designed to encourage and inspire you. There will also be curated content with things that inspire me – art, books, events, etc. – that I love to share. You will also catch a glimpse behind-the-scenes of how my fibre art magic happens.

Supporter Hub

This tier is for anyone who wants to help me to help others. You believe in me, and want to champion my work. You may not be an artist yourself, or interested in purchasing my art, you may just want to give your support and I thank you for that! We all need champions in our lives.

Your support will help me to fund and continue in my art practice. And, more importantly, your support will help me to do print runs of ‘Purpose Made’ and give those books away (at no cost) to people who need to be told that they are special, that they are made for a purpose, and that their life has meaning. Your help will directly help me help others.

Artpreneur Hub

This tier is for artists and creators who are serious about building their art hobby or practice into a business, and are keen to learn from my lifetime art journey, and that of other artists.

You will get access to videos, worksheets, templates and more. I’ll be sharing my knowledge (including the ups and downs) with you, along with content from my work-in-progress book in easy bite-sized chunks. I’d also like to hear about your art journey stories – you never know, you might end up in print!


  • Click on either Join for Free (the Inspiration Hub) or select your membership tier.

  • For the Supporter Hub and Artpreneur Hub you’ll pay when you join, which then renews monthly on that same date.

  • By joining, you access all the posts I've shared in the past for that tier. You can safely join and stay for as long as you want, or you can change tiers or cancel your support at anytime. 

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