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Purpose Made


Purpose Made
12 steps to discovering your God-given purpose and leading an abundant life


Did you know that you are special? You are unique.

There is no-one on this great, big, beautiful planet like you.

In all of eternity, there has never been another person born where and when you were born; who has your unique DNA; your set of experiences; or your particular combination of gifts, talents and passions.

Did you also know that God knew exactly the circumstances you would be born into, the people you would grow up with, go to school with, socialise and work with? Your place in time was no accident.

You have been designed to make a never-seen-before (and never-to-be-seen-again) contribution to this world – your world. This contribution is the purpose God put you on this earth to fulfil.

But what if you don’t know what your gifts are, or your purpose? This book will give you a 12-step guide to help you sort through your unknowns, your doubts and your past, and help you to see yourself as God sees you – an amazing person whom He created on purpose and for a purpose.

That’s you, Purpose Made.

Purpose Made will be available to purchase (paperback and Kindle) from,,,,,, and

When this book is published, if you would like to purchase this book in bulk to distribute to a church, work or community group (or similar), please contact Sarah Ritchie HERE.


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